These configurations have been written to allow each server to make individual adjustments for an enhanced experience.


Defines the used Framework to allow the Script to be used on more servers. Frameworks which are supported by default are ox_core, ESX Legacy and Standalone. If you want to add your own Framework you can use bridge functions to do so. More information about the Bridge can be found here.

Config.Framework = "ESX"
  • frameworkName: string


Determines the item name you want to use, the time of usage during installation and the amount needed to install nitro.

Config.Item = {
    name = 'nitro',
    count = 1,
    useTime = 5000
  • name: string
  • count: number
  • useTime: number

Display Settings

Configure the locale options and some small color settings.

Config.Display = {
    color = {r = 255, g = 255, b = 255},
    Text = {
        ['add_nitro'] = 'Drücke ~INPUT_VEH_DUCK~ um Nitro einzubauen.',
        ['nitro_added'] = 'Nitro wurde ~g~erfolgreich~s~ eingbaut!',
        ['nitro_empty'] = 'Deine Nitro Flasche ist aufgebraucht.',
        ['nitro_bar_label'] = 'Nitro',
  • Color: table

    • The RGB code you want to use.
    • r: number
    • g: number
    • b: number
  • Text: table

    • The locale you want to use.
    • translation: number

Do NOT change the key (for example ['add_nitro']) or your translations will not work!

Nitro Drainrate

Defines the nitro drain rate. Lower values euquals longer usage time.

Config.NitroDrainRate = 10
  • rate: number (default: 10)

Torque Multiplier

Config.TorqueMultiplier = 2.0
  • multiplier: number (default: 2.0)

Nitro Activation Key

Note that changes to this configurations will not influence the controler input. This one is pre-defined in the script to prevent missunderstandings. If you want to change this configuration please pick an input index from the official cfx (FiveM) documentation: FiveM docs (opens in a new tab).

Config.NitroKey = 19
  • input: number

Custom Visuals

This configurations will override some visual components to match your server's UI.


Do NOT use this config if you don't know what you're doing! We will not support you if you're messing with these configurations!

Config.CustomVisual = {
    HideProgressBar = false,
    ProgressBarOffset = 25, -- default: 1
    ShowHelp = function(text, bleep)
        ---@add: custom show help functionality
    Notify = nil
  • HideProgressBar: boolean if enabled the Progressbar will be hidden entirely.
  • ProgressBarOffset: number Changes the y-position of the Progressbar.
  • ShowHelp?: function or nil
    • Overwrites the scripts ShowHelp function. Please keep in mind that this function is called every frame!
    • text: string (the text wich will be displayed)
    • bleep: boolean (if a sound should be played)
  • Notify?: function or nil
    • Overwrites the scrtips Notify function.
    • text: string (the text wich will be displayed)

You can delete the ShowHelp or Notify config option if you don't need them. The Script will proceed to use the default Notify / ShowHelp functions.