1 Introduction

FiveM GoPostal Job

Experience the ultimate delivery revolution with the GoPostal Job. This script addresses common challenges in FiveM roleplay servers, providing innovative solutions for enhanced gameplay. Customize the job to your requirements, track package status intuitively, and enjoy exceptional performance. Immerse yourself in lifelike animations that bring the delivery role to life. Upgrade your server today and redefine the delivery experience with GoPostal. Get ready for realistic and immersive deliveries like never before.



To purchase the Script, go to the Shop (opens in a new tab) and purchase it.


After the purchase tebex will send you an email whereupon you can download the script from Keymaster (opens in a new tab)


Drag and Drop the resource into your server-files and go to the configuration file located at /conig.lua.


Please make sure to configure the script to your need to ensure the best experience. More information can be found here.