1 Introduction

FiveM Nitro/Nos Script

The Nitro/Nos script enables the installation of external nitro bottles in vehicles. Activating the nitro with a designated button provides an immediate performance boost. A clear display indicates the available nitro level, allowing drivers to plan its usage effectively.

For safety, the script incorporates an intelligent security system. Nitro settings are saved using statebags, preventing any loss of nitro capacity during script restarts. This ensures a seamless experience for players, allowing them to pick up where they left off.



To purchase the Script, go to the Shop (opens in a new tab) and purchase it.


After the purchase tebex will send you an email whereupon you can download the script from Keymaster (opens in a new tab)


Drag and Drop the resource into your server-files and go to the configuration file located at /conig.lua.


Please make sure to configure the script to your need to ensure the best experience. More information can be found here.